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Morality in Oedipus Rex Essay - 1785 Words

In both the current era and the time of the ancient Greeks Sophocles’ play Oedipus Tyrannus is seen as the quintessential model of Greek Tragedy. This is due to the intricate questions of morality that are masterfully woven into the literature and the fact that â€Å"perhaps no classical Greek play that has stimulated as much critical discussion† (Harris and Platzner Classical Mythology: Images and Insights, p.648). One of the dominant arguments the tragedy generates is whether Oedipus is responsible for the abhorrent crimes of patricide and incest. The answer to which is yes. To be human is to have choice and it is evident throughout the play that Oedipus’s reckless decisions are to blame for the violations against his parents. Due to†¦show more content†¦Oedipus is incapable of clear thought and unfortunately it was of the utmost importance to criticize the oracle and act accordingly. Oedipus’s character suggests that he â€Å"believes all ques tions have answers and that humans can ascertain those answers by applying their wits and their logic†(Harris and Platzner Classical Mythology: Images and Insights, p.656). This being the case, Oedipus should have been able to avoid making a rash, senseless choice in his reaction to the oracle. Because of his complete faith in Apollo’s oracle, he immediately leaves Corinth in an attempt to avoid the despicable atrocity of killing his father and engaging in incest with his mother. Regrettably, it is this very action that charts his course towards a violent path of destruction. One can see that as a result of Oedipus’s recklessness he has allowed the prophecy to become â€Å"self-fulfilling† and if had not heeded the oracle’s forecast it would have never become a harsh reality (Harris and Platzner Classical Mythology: Images and Insights, p.649). Near the end of Sopholcles’s distinguished tragedy, Oedipus finally recognizes the truth and he in sists his actions are the fault of Apollo. He shrieks blame upon the god for the monstrous events and he violently cries, â€Å"Apollo it was, Apollo, friends who brought to pass these evil, evil woes of mine† (Oedipus Tyrannus, 1274-1278). Oedipus is consumed byShow MoreRelatedOedipus in Sophocles Oedipus Rex and Young Colonel Sartoris Snopes in William Faulkners Barn Burning: A Comparative Analysis of Characters1034 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿When attempting to compare the characters and the lots of Oedipus in Oedipus Rex and Young Colonel Sartoris Snopes in William Faulkners Barn Burning, there are a number of immediate and salient points of similarity for one to consider. One of the principle points of similarities between these two is related to their personalities both male characters are prone to fits of action which they can only fully understand (if at all) in hindsight. Another is the fact that the quandaries they find themselvesRead MoreGreek Mythology And Mytholo gy Of The Iliad, Oedipus Rex And Others1294 Words   |  6 Pagesthey used often in their works; examples of this are seen in the Iliad, Oedipus Rex and others. The existence of Greek mythology and narratives plays a significant role in shaping the arts, most notably dance and performance. It also prompted the Aristotle Poetics that discussed the value of six specific traits in every tragedy. It has even encouraged the usage in other fields of study, the most notably the existence of the Oedipus complex. The inclusion of different narratives, and symbolisms helpRead MoreEssay on Sophocles Oedipus Rex1369 Words   |  6 PagesSophocles Oedipus Rex As the plot in Sophocles famous play Oe dipus Rex unfolds, many aspects of the relationship between ancient Greeks and their gods are revealed. It demonstrates that the people couldRead MoreOedipus The King By Sophocles1165 Words   |  5 PagesOedipus the King was written by Sophocles and was is titled Oedipus Rex in Latin. It is one of the most well-known Greek tragedies. As is the case with Greek tragedies—or roughly most tragedies that make their way to stage—fate plays a key role in the events in Oedipus Rex. Oedipus discovers there is a plague on his city. The only way to lift the plague is by slaying the former king’s killer. As the play’s acts unfold one discovers about the prophecy concerning Oedipus. The prophecy states that OedipusRead MoreThe Heroes Of The Epic Of Beowulf By William Shakespeare1292 Words   |  6 Pagesthey follow a specific formula, namely that the Gods intervene in the lives of the hero and, that the hero is burdened with a tragic flaw. In Virgil’s Aenei d, it is Aeneas’ dangerous disobedience to the ordinances of the Gods that kills him. In Oedipus Rex, it is Oedipus’s inability to control his temper which proves a mortal flaw. Yet, In Beowulf, despite Beowulf’s heroism and his preoccupation with honor, he operates with free will and without the burden of a character flaw. Heroism is attachedRead MoreOedipus Rex Character Analysis1419 Words   |  6 PagesOedipus’s role, within the play â€Å"Oedipus Rex† to convey different emotions. The roles portrayed by the characters showcase that Sophocles specified each character to represent and illustrate a type of emotion and a specific trait that added to his play, while giving a profound plot with entertaining conflict. Sophocles’ tragedy â€Å"Oedipus Rex† demonstrates his uses of conscience/morality/religion vs. pride/power to illustrate the concept of woman vs. man. Oedipus’ pride and arrogance stands in theRead MoreGilgamesh And Oedipus Essay904 Words   |  4 Pages2017 Gilgamesh vs. Oedipus No two men are alike in anyway, same goes for heroes and tragic heroes. A hero is someone who has given their life to be something bigger than oneself. A hero is someone who is brave, courageous and someone you look up to. Aristotle referred to a tragic hero as, â€Å"someone who makes their own judgement error that inevitably leads to their own destruction†. Gilgamesh and Oedipus were some of the biggest heroes in our literary studies. Gilgamesh and Oedipus lived their livesRead MoreFate And Free Will Vs. The Book Of Genesis And Sophocles Oedipus Rex1428 Words   |  6 Pagesthat there is only free will, the second view is that there is only fate, and the third view is that there is room and justification for both possibilities. The themes of fate and free will are very prominent in the book of Genesis and Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex. In both, the fate of the characters is decided by a higher being, but the way in which they arrive at their destinies is determined by free will and the choices they make, which leads to the demise of the characters. The book of Genesis recordsRead More Tragedy In Drama Essay1713 Words   |  7 Pagesfatal error in judgement that would lead to his fall. Oedipus Rex is considered by most as the source for Aristotle’s ideas about tragedy, as it is a classic example of a hero with a tragic flaw that brings about his downfall. Again, we have a person of high standing in Oedipus, who is neither entirely good nor entirely bad. However, it is Oedipus’ pride that pervades as his tragic flaw throughout the play. It is pride that causes Oedipus to believe the rumor of his questionable parentage and furtherRead MoreGreek Theatre And Medieval Drama1587 Words   |  7 Pagesthe ending of Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex, Oedipus succumbs to his fate and is bewildered by his true identity; he then plucks the broaches off of Jocasta’s dead body and plunges them into his eyes, blinding himself (L.1268-1270, Oedipus Rex). While the presence of violence and death is inevitable in this play, the bloody scenes do not happen on stage. Greek dramaturgy did not reject violence on stage, but considered it impolite and not dramatically ef fective. To represent Oedipus’ bloody face-to-face with

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Importance Of Supporting Statement For Creative Writing

Supporting Statement In all seriousness, in all truth, in all necessity, I have decided to pursue a Ph.D. now because I believe the subject matter of security could wait no longer. I’m so pleased too, after my few applications for Creative Writing PhDs and extensive research, finally come across a Ph.D. which focusses on what I have sought to research all along which will open the pathway to numerous important debates of now. This Ph.D. doctoral studentship has a simply astounding spectrum of potential and I know that I will confront every question with the imagination needed to create a TV series like no other. I could have pandered to the stereotypical framework of a Ph.D. statement and mentioned how I’d constantly go to the cinema†¦show more content†¦I had my first fight for free speech when I held a solo art show named Blasphemy which was to be held in 2015 until it was closed down by the police and anti-terror squad out of fear of attack. I argued vehemently for the police and state to uphold their responsibility to defend my right to criticise but this fell on folded ears. I did however proceed and exhibit in 2016, it was though a very watered-down censored version of what I had wished to exhibit. Two thirds of the paintings I had created for public view had not received the opportunity to hang on the gallery walls, so I guess I lost that time, but I will always believe in the view that everyone everywhere should be allowed to speak their minds. I have since attained my Bachelors degree kept my fingers typing on the screen. I went on to attain an MA Writing for Stage and Broadcast Media from the prestigious Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, take a venture in to the world of stand-up comedy, write a comedy sketch show, both perform and script-edit for two young emerging film production houses, write my first children’s novella and write 6 feature length films which are all in different stages of development. The most impactful experience was the production of a full comedy sketch show series entitled Small World: Big Circus. In this,Show MoreRelatedBeginning Of The Document Content.. In Previous High School1449 Words   |  6 Pagesaddress the argument I presented in the paper, which is no comparison to the level of writing expected of me now. Although the ideas on what I would write about came easy to me, I always struggled with making the ideas flow together in a cohesive way while still advancing my claim. Becoming more fluid in my ideas has not only helped cut time invested in the writing process, it has also lead to a better quality of writing where my sentence structure is stronger and actively drives the claim. Through thisRead MoreThe Between 1921 And 1940 As An Alleged Counter Revolutionary1508 Words   |  7 Pagescensorship and oppression. In the final stanza of her poem, Ahkmatova expresses anger towards the government machine that has constrained, beaten down, and is continually draining the life from the country and the people she so desperately loves. Her writing expresses frustration is not just at what the government has done, but at the deceptive and manipulative means at which they have done it, And to the dead-cold eyes, The lie that has betrayed us, The coarse, brutal world, the fact That God hasRead MoreUsing A Educational Article Tasdiq Alam, An Educational Lecturer, And Researcher824 Words   |  4 Pagesand motivate students through operative teaching practices that incorporates creative ideas. These ideas are to be made for teachers, in order to effectively motivate secondary students while learning the academic curriculum. In the research, the author deliberates on how students are bestowed in miscellaneous ways for making a quest for the knowledge being taught. This research was meant to pronounce dissimilar creative approaches, such as a concept, namely â€Å"Tangible-thinking†, â€Å"Issuing personalRead MoreAs Part Of My Pgce Early Education, I Have Been Instructed1030 Words   |  5 Pagesteaching in Early Years settings. Farquhar and White (2014: 821) highlight the importance of early education as the ‘theory and practice of educating young children’, which is deeply rooted in the philosophy of the practitioner as they have a r epertoire of strategies to teaching and learning. King and Howard (2016) believe that philosophy and pedagogy are connected as a way of supporting young children. The reason I am writing to you today is because I believe the Early Years Statutory Guidelines (DfERead More Analysis of Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own Essay1678 Words   |  7 Pagestheir inferiority in society. There is a negative or a depressed tone throughout her essay. She shows her dissatisfaction in the very beginning of the essay by saying, â€Å"it was disappointing not to have brought back in the evening some important statement, some authentic fact (about women)† (44). There is no sense of relief or satisfaction in Woolf’s â€Å"voice.† Woolf claims that somewhere during this era there must have been a woman capable of literary genius like that of William Shakespeare, but noneRead MoreGraffiti Art Or A Crime? Essay1285 Words   |  6 Pagesmuch controversy that surrounds graffiti even though some people may feel graffiti is an act of vandalism. I feel that graffiti is one of the most interesting expressions of art. â€Å"Art is defined as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination† (Lloyd 1) Graffiti is an art because it uses key elements of art. These elements include color, line and form. These elements are all included in both traditional art and graffiti. Graffiti artists all over are expressingRead MoreFrederick Douglass : A Comparative Essay1797 Words   |  8 PagesA Comparative Essay (maybe something slightly more creative) Frederick Douglass, a famous abolitionist leader and writer, was born into slavery in the early 1800’s. Douglass published many books and papers illustrating the time in which he lived, all of them portraying his perspective of growing up as a slave in Talbot County, Maryland. During this time slaves had no rights. They were bought and sold constantly, and were consider property the slave owners. Slaves mainly worked in the fields, butRead MoreThe Importance Of Colonialization For The Three Main Colonial Powers During The New World969 Words   |  4 Pageslabor needs, or the English who established nearly instant hostile, and some would say genocidal relationships with locals at Roanoke, Jamestown, and Massachusetts Bay, â€Å"French-Native interactions are widely known for the cultural adaptations and creative innovations that facilitated trade, diplomacy, and kinship across large portions of North America (11).† Instead of challenging this view, Brett Rushforth in B onds of Alliance: Indigenous and Atlantic Slaveries in New France argues that the enslavementRead MoreSupport Diversity Within The School1679 Words   |  7 Pageson unjustifiable hardships on the school, for students with a wide range of abilities, backgrounds and aspirations in the school setting† (Van Kraayenoord, Elkins, Palmer Richards, 2000, p.9). Queensland Catholic Education Commission position statement Inclusive Practices in Catholic Schools in Queensland has been developed on the foundation of valuing diversity. It delineates teachers of the responsibility to recognize human rights and to ensure adjustments are made to further enable access ofRead MoreThe Foundation Of The U.s. National Security Policy1077 Words   |  5 Pagespost-World War II eras† (McCalla). Stoll asserts in his notes that â€Å"changes [in the nuclear balance] can be turned into political-military leverage in a wide variety of situations,† but fails to provide concrete references and dates to support his statements. The second theme is â€Å"domestic influences on national security policy† (Stoll), which fails to explain in depth the â€Å"congressional and public support for defense spending and presidential actions† (McCalla). According to McCalla, Stoll provides

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Advantege and Disadvange Fo T.V Free Essays

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: If parents want their children to do well at school, they should limit the time their children spend on watching TV. With the rapid development of our society, there are an increasing numbers of people who are concerned about whether parents should restrict the amount of time their children spend on watching TV. Some people assert that the watching TV could stimulate children’s learning and creativities and it would not cause any harm to children, yet it’s not surprising that others have opposite attitudes toward this controversial issue. We will write a custom essay sample on Advantege and Disadvange Fo T.V or any similar topic only for you Order Now Despite many diverse opinions aired by different people based on their personal stance, there can be no doubt that watching too much TV programs would lead to adverse effects on children. The first reason I want to put forward is that there are too many inappropriate images and violent content on TV and those programs would impact children and teens negatively. For instance, students may consider that violence is acceptable behavior to solve their problems in school. In this way, misbehaving students undoubtedly would interfere with their peer’s learning and add additional stresses on teachers. Studies also show that children who watch too much TV programs would become more aggressive and violent, and perform poorly in study. As you can see, parents should prevent their children from wasting too much time on TV owing to students may imitate the unsuitable behavior on TV. Another reason worth mentioning is that students who spend most of their time on watching TV would result in their reluctance toward school works and outdoor activities. Watching animated cartoons and fascinating movies is the most crucial part of their daily life and children from those indulgent families don’t want to put effort into their studies which is less attractive to them. In order to prevent children from being coach potatoes, parents should reduce their child’s access to TV and encourage them to get some exercise which could help them to refresh their body and mind. There is no denying that adolescents who watch too much TV program would crowd out their study time. Finally, students who spend less time on TV would have more chances to get along with peers. Since human can’t live without interacting with other people today, students have to learn how to cooperate and communicate with others in their early stage. As you can imagine, child who engages in school activities or joins some associations would feel they are part of the groups and this is expected a crucial impetus that spurs students to perform well in school. By and large, students would gain more benefits while they spending less time on TV programs and parents have to assist them to avoid from indulgent lifestyles. After taking all aspects into consideration, I firmly believe that parents have to set rules to limit their children’s TV time and it’s not an exaggeration to say that adolescent who follows this rule would have better performance and achievement in school. Parents should limit children’s time watching TV and playing computer games, do you agree or disagree? Though they may love it, parents should limit their children’s time watching TV and playing computer games due to the bad effects upon their children. In contrast, they should encourage their children to read books. Today’s TV programs and computer games are often fit with violent behavior such as abuse, kidnap, murder, fights and so on for commercial purposes. Children who view these events are likely to believe that the world is scary and something bad will happen to them. This fear is simply caused by the inability of children to tell the difference between the fantasies presented on the TV and the reality. Besides, children may also imitate the bad behaviors and attitudes shown through the TV programs. Therefore, children should be discouraged from watching TV and playing computer games. Meanwhile, watching TV and playing games are said to be unhealthy Based on research, the obesity level has increased among children because they are inactive while watching TV and playing games as they do not exercise or play outdoor games. Moreover, fast food and junk food advertisements such as soft drinks which are shown in TV also influence children to consume them and similarly leads to obesity due to high cholesterol and sugar level. Conversely, parents should encourage their children to read more books for it is benefiting. In fact, reading can increase the ability of children in understanding new subjects and information. Reading out loud also exposes children to proper grammar, phrasing and language skills. On top of that, reading books can also allow children to enlarge their knowledge of fractural information, learn more about the world and increase their understanding of humanity. All these positive influences from the right books support parents to insist their children to read books instead of watching TV or playing computer games. In conclusion, parents should insist their children read books instead of watching TV or playing computer games. Accordingly, parents can actually set up a schedule for their children to ensure that they spend their leisure time in the right way by reading books and have a limited time to watch TV and play computer games. This could indirectly discipline their children too. Television and Childre Why and to what extent should parents control their children’s TV watching? There is certainly nothing inherently wrong with TV. The problem is how much television a child watches and what effect it has on his life. Research has shown that as the amount of time spent watching TV goes up, the amount of time devoted not only to homework and study but other important aspects of life such as social development and physical activities decreases. Television is bound to have it tremendous impact on a child, both in terms of how many hours a week he watches TV and of what he sees. When a parent is concerned about the effects of television, he should consider a number of things: what TV offers the child in terms of information and knowledge, how many hours a week a youngster his age should watch television, the impact of violence and sex, and the influence of commercials. What about the family as a whole? Is the TV set a central piece of furniture in your home! Is it flicked on the moment someone enters the empty house? Is it on during the daytime? Is it part of the background noise of your family life? Do you demonstrate by your own viewing that television should be watched selectively? Since television is clearly here to stay. it is important that parents manage their children’s TV viewing so that it can be a plus rather than a minus in the family situation. Violence on Television It has not yet been definitively proven that viewing violence on television will lead a child into violent behavior. But even experts agree that it’s not good for a child to be exposed constantly, several hours a day, day after day. week after week, to television violence. Research has shown that such exposure has at least four effects: children may become less sensitive to the pain and suffering of others; they may become more fearful of the world around them; they may be more likely to behave in an aggressive manner toward other people; they may get an unrealistic sense of the amount of true violence that exists in the world. One interesting theory is that children choose active violent programs because it gives them a feeling of activity with all the sensations of involvement while enjoying the safety and security of total passivity. They are enjoying a simulation of activity in the hope that it will compensate for the actuality that they are involved in a passive, one-way experience. http://www. english-test. net/forum/ftopic75922. html http://www. jamesabela. co. uk/exams/sampleanswers/Parentingessay. pdf How to cite Advantege and Disadvange Fo T.V, Papers

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Healthcare Professionals and Privacy Samples †

Question: Discuss about the Healthcare Professionals and Privacy. Answer: Privacy must be maintained by the healthcare professionals and the caretakers of the patient during and after the treatment. As the clients health condition declines, GPs are frequently challenged by the want to guard the privacy of the patients same time addressing the prospect of the patients carers who seen health information to offer proper care at home. GPs must know the prospects of patients and carers relating health information of the patients to the carers cannot match their own. The carers must be aware of the restrictions on the doctors or nurses and must be encouraged to convey their preferences for sharing of information as per Herring, (2007). These responsibilities must be facilitating the progress of a prompt sheet to assist the clinical meet. Confidentiality is very important, and one of the most important elements of confidentiality is to develop trust (, 2015). It helps in free accept of information among the patient and the carer. It is also very important to take the patients consent before revealing to the carers. Obtaining personal information from the patients with their consent is essential in maintaining the privacy of the patient. The physician or the nurses should only discuss the matters that related to the patient to the carers and the co-workers. Any discussion regarding the issue should take place at the workplace. One must not discuss the patients health condition and other matters to friend and family. Respect for patients confidentiality and staff personal information must be high priority for all of the carers. To ensure confidentiality cares must only access confidential information about their job-related and the rules and regulations of the healthcare organization. The staff should disclose the information to the carers with the patients consent where in a case of children in the consent of their legal guardians (, 2015). The health professional must disclose only that much information that has approved by the client or legal attendee. Proper behavior by the carers may also be incorporated in a code of conduct. Carers need to ensure that any information that is gathered is securely stored and disposed of securely. The carers must be adhered to the ethical and law systems related to the confidentiality of the patients. Some of the rules include names and address of the patents, phone or cell phone numbers of the patients, information about the treatment procedures and patients' health status. Where the law wants disclosure of the information will be in the case of a serious health condition of a child where the carer needs to contact the department of community services for any emergency (Gold et al, 2009). In case, the patient wants to be protected from harming himself or others due to any mental illness. While the treatment process involves another health professional the confidentiality has to be disclosed. It is best to take prior consent of the patient before starting the treatment process. The individual files of the patient should be secured, the carers must not talk others about the patients health file unless permission from the patient. Patients medical details should not disclose without informing them. Adult patients have the right to keep any information about then to be confidential that also includes being kept from family and friends. As the health condition of a patient declines he or she need carers at the hospital or home. So the carers must have to adhere to some of the legal or ethical rules to maintain the confidentiality of the patients health records and treatment procedures and also the present health status of the patient. References:,. (2015). Singleton, P., Fawkner, H., White, A., Foster, S. Mens experience of cosmetic surgery: A phenomenological approach to discussion board data.. Gold, M., Philip, J., McIver, S., Komesaroff, P. (2009). Between a rock and a hard place: exploring the conflict between respecting the privacy of patients and informing their carers. Internal Medicine Journal, 39(9), 582-587. Herring, J. (2007). Where are the carers in healthcare law and ethics?. Legal Studies, 27(1), 51-73.,. (2015). Confidentiality - Confidentiality.

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How to Write a Comparative Essay Step by Step

Most students get troubled composing this type of essays not because they do not know how to compare but because they have the information but do not know how to arrange and develop it into a great text. This article provides some good tips aimed at helping students improve their comparative essay writing skills. Let’s Start with the Question â€Å"What Is Comparative Essay?† A comparative essay is a piece of writing that requires you to compare and contrast at least two things that have some relation. Therefore, when asked to compare, you need to show the similarities and differences between the subjects depending on the assignment. Here are some things you might be asked to compare: events, texts, figures, theories, or even positions on a specific issue. Awesome Pointers on How to Write a Good Comparative Essay There has always been a difference between writing an essay and writing a good essay. Our experts have compiled a few effective guidelines that will take your comparative essay writing skills to the next level. Here are those useful tips: Discover the Basis of Comparison Some essays may contain clear instructions for your comparisons and others may be vague and require you to develop your own. For example, if doing a task, you have to compare Shakespeare’s Othello to Hamlet, you are supposed to limit your focus to the characters. However, if you are asked to compare the two plays without being provided with specific components to be compared, you will have to pick the aspects for analysis and comparison. Prepare a List of Similarities and Differences After you have established the basis of comparison, compile a list of all the similarities and differences between the subjects. This is to help you select the best and the most relevant points for your essay. Analyze Critically An important element to consider when writing this type of essay is information. You need to have a deep understanding of the subjects in question and enough information about them to pick out the most prominent similarities and differences. This is obtained by being thorough in your research and analysis. Critical analysis helps improve the quality of your comparisons and makes your essay more convincing. Outline Your Essay The outline should act as a skeleton of your essay. In the outline you are supposed to highlight all the main points in the manner they will appear in your essay. Creating an outline helps save you time when you start writing and also keeps you on track with how the ideas in your essay should flow. Effective Guidelines on How to Start a Comparative Essay So how do you start a comparative essay? The first sentence of your essay should try and capture the reader’s interest. You can start with a hook that will make the reader want to keep reading and figure out what the main idea of the text is. After that, introduce the subjects that are to be compared. A Good Approach on How to Structure a Comparative Essay When selecting a good comparative essay structure to use in your work, you need to consider the most basic factor of all, which is your ability to use it effectively. The majority of students have ended up scoring low marks due to poor structuring of their works. The thing is that a poorly structured paper is difficult to read. You should, therefore, familiarize yourself with the various structuring methods and select the most suitable one. The different structuring methods all adhere to the three parts of an essay – the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Here are the different methods you can choose from: Alternate method In this method, a paragraph provides detailed explanations on one aspect of the item of comparison and then it is followed by another paragraph also explaining the same aspect but on the second item of comparison. Mixed paragraph method Here, one paragraph explains how both items are compared on the basis of one aspect. This means that you cover the explanations of the two subjects on a single basis of comparison in that same paragraph. You can start the paragraph by discussing one and then finish by discussing the other. Block method In this method, you use a few paragraphs discussing one subject extensively and then the next few discussing the other subject. This method is known to be used when comparing more than two subjects. How to Write a Captivating Comparative Essay Introduction Here, you have to give the reader a preview of the content of the essay. Include a thesis statement that highlights what is going to be discussed. It also describes the purpose of the essay. The sentences should be simple and clear. As mentioned earlier, the introduction has to make the reader interested in the rest of the essay. Writing a Good Comparative Essay Body When it comes to the body and paragraphs, there are a few points worth noting. The paragraphs should begin with a statement that describes what they will handle, and then you can proceed with the discussion. Remember that each paragraph should discuss only one aspect. It is advisable to have an equal number of points from each subject so that one may not seem underresearched or slightly ignored. Be sure to refer to the outline when writing the body of the essay to save time and to avoid getting stuck. End with a Fascinating Comparative Essay Conclusion The conclusion should give a brief overview of your work. This includes a summary of the results of your comparison and a reminder of the thesis and the purpose of the essay. You can highlight what you have established from the results of the comparisons but avoid ambiguous statements that will weaken your arguments like ‘they are similar and yet different.’ Need Help with a Comparative Essay? Contact Us Is that essay still causing you headaches? Contact us for help. We offer a professional essay writing service. Our writers ensure quality work, and we value your confidentiality. Place an order and see for yourself!

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Character Analysis of Lysander From A Midsummer Nights Dream

Character Analysis of Lysander From 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' Lysander bravely challenges Egeus over his choice of a suitor for Hermia. Lysander professes his love for Hermia and exposes Demetrius as inconstant, having rejected Helena in favor of her friend. LYSANDERYou have her fathers love, Demetrius;Let me have Hermias: do you marry him.​EGEUSScornful Lysander! true, he hath my love,And what is mine my love shall render him.And she is mine, and all my right of herI do estate unto Demetrius.LYSANDERI am, my lord, as well derived as he,As well possessd; my love is more than his;My fortunes every way as fairly rankd,If not with vantage, as Demetrius;And, which is more than all these boasts can be,I am beloved of beauteous Hermia:Why should not I then prosecute my right?Demetrius, Ill avouch it to his head,Made love to Nedars daughter, Helena,And won her soul; and she, sweet lady, dotes,Devoutly dotes, dotes in idolatry,Upon this spotted and inconstant man.(Act 1 Scene 1) Character Motivation Lysander encourages Hermia to run away with him to his aunt’s house so that the pair can be married. When in the forest Lysander tries his luck with Hermia, trying to get her to lay with him but he is unable to convince her. When he wakes, he has been wrongly anointed with the love potion and falls in love with Helena. Lysander decides to leave Hermia unprotected on the ground to pursue Helena. This does not cover him in glory but potentially demonstrates the strength of the potion in that we know how much he loved Hermia, but now the potion has moved him to be so repulsed by her that he is willing to leave her alone. There is an argument, therefore, that we cannot blame him for his actions under the powerful influence of the love potion, because if we could, we may not be happy when he is finally reunited with Hermia, as he has been so horrible to her under Puck’s influence: LYSANDERHang off, thou cat, thou burr! vile thing, let loose,Or I will shake thee from me like a serpent!HERMIAWhy are you grown so rude? what change is this?Sweet love,LYSANDERThy love! out, tawny Tartar, out!Out, loathed medicine! hated potion, hence!(Act 3 Scene 2) When the love potion is removed, and the couples are discovered, Lysander bravely explains to Hermia’s father and Theseus that he encouraged her to elope. This action is courageous because it enrages Egeus - and Lysander knows that it will. Here, Lysander demonstrates his bravery and determination to stick with Hermia no matter the consequences and this endears him to the audience once more. We know Lysander truly loves Hermia and their ending will be a happy one as Theseus will assuage Egeus’ anger. LYSANDERMy lord, I shall reply amazedly,Half sleep, half waking: but as yet, I swear,I cannot truly say how I came here;But, as I think,for truly would I speak,And now do I bethink me, so it is,I came with Hermia hither: our intentWas to be gone from Athens, where we might,Without the peril of the Athenian law.EGEUSEnough, enough, my lord; you have enough:I beg the law, the law, upon his head.They would have stolen away; they would, Demetrius,Thereby to have defeated you and me,You of your wife and me of my consent,Of my consent that she should be your wife.

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Qualcomm, Inc Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Qualcomm, Inc - Research Paper Example This was the beginning of the exponential growth of the company. The company nowadays has extensive portfolio not just in the United States of America, but the company has over 195 patent agreements around the world. This makes Qualcomm the best and the largest company in the communication sector. The company has also been very active in the growth of 3G and other wireless communication developments. Among various other development, company has developed several modern technologies in the industry including CDMA technology, 3G technology and QUALCOMM Enterprises Services (QES). QUALCOMM is also helping the governments around the world in setting up effective communication solutions. QUALCOMM has also started QUALCOMM licensing service though which the every new development that QUALCOMM makes is licensed to companies around the world so that this development is not concentrated to just one part of the world, but it spreads throughout the world evenly. (Qualcomm’s Official Webs ite, 2011) Qualcomm is threatened quite badly by the large amount of lawsuits that were filed against the company. Everyone these days seem to file lawsuits against the company. From the handset makers to cellular networks, everyone has given its own share of problems to the communication industry giant, QUALCOMM. These lawsuits range from antitrust law violations to licensing agreement. All of this could have created a mess if it was not QUALCOMM. It is one company that is spending huge sum on its team of defense attorneys. Hence, the company can fight it out by having out-of-the-court deals with the companies who have filed these lawsuits or else they can go with them hard in the court of law. In any case, QUALCOMM does not have too much to worry about and this problem is going to be handled more than effectively by the team of lawyers that are on QUALCOMM’s payroll. This problem also stemmed from the sharp growth of the communication industry in the last decade. This irreg ular resulted in a lot of problems and lawsuits for QUALCOMM. However, QUALCOMM is in a great position to come out of this problem as they have a great team of attorney to defend the company’s position. (Sidener, 2009) Another problem with QUALCOMM is its declining margin. In the latest quarter ending June 26 2011, QUALCOMM operating profit margin was 30 percent. This was a decline of 3 percent from the quarter previous year. This shows that operating expenses of QUALCOMM are rising faster than its revenues. This has caused the problem of declining QUALCOMM’s profitability. The scrutiny of financial statements reveals that this decline in profitability is a result of increasing cost of equipment and servicing costs. QUALCOMM can improve its position by moving towards more efficient operations. They should try to reduce the costs by as much as possible and should try to increase their revenues. This can be done by increasing the cost control methods and hiring operation managers at each cost centre. They should inspect the factors that are leading to wastage and should try to eliminate them so that the next quarter’s financial statements are more profitable and more ostentatious. (Qualcomm’s Income Statement, 2011) QUALCOMM operates in an industry and is facing high level of competition. It is reported that there are around 21 companies that provide competition to QUALCOMM directly or indirectly. This is